Areas of Practice

Car Accidents, Personal Injury
and Medical Malpractice

When you are injured by a negligence of another person, a car driver, a premises owner or a doctor or any other person, you are likely to be eligible for a monetary compensation for your pain and suffering, loss of normal life, medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. Personal injury law is complicated, two cases with similar facts can yield two different results based on various factors involved. Insurance companies, while trying to appear friendly, in fact, fight such claims vigorously trying to minimize and delay the payment or avoid the payment altogether. You have to know which case may be settled out of court and which case must be filed in court and litigated so a maximum possible recovery may be achieved. If you suffer a personal injury you need a competent lawyer to guide you through this difficult moment in your life. Maciej Ordon can offer you his experience gained through his representation of numerous clients in such cases.

Worker’s Compensation

Workersʼ Compensation law is quite different from other areas of personal injury law. First of all the issue of negligence of the employer defendant is irrelevant here. A worker may claim compensation if he or she suffers injury “in the scope of employment” irrespective of his or her negligence. Also, Workersʼ Compensation cases are filed and litigated at the Illinois Workersʼ Compensation Commission rather than in circuit courts and are subject to different procedural rules than other personal injury cases. There are certain notice requirements that must be complied with or you may be by law precluded from receiving compensation in your case. Considering all the peculiarities of Workersʼ Compensation law, so different from general personal injury law, you need a lawyer with a thorough knowledge of this law and practice before the Industrial Commission. Workersʼ Compensation is an important part of Maciej Ordonʼs practice. His experience is at your disposal.

Criminal Defense, DUI
and Secretary of State hearings

Everybody makes mistakes. You may drive while intoxicated, you may commit a domestic violence, you may commit a serious felony. However, when you are arrested and charged with a crime your freedom, criminal record and possibly the future of your green card or citizenship application are at stake. If you are not a citizen you may be a subject of deportation. You simply need an experienced attorney. Your criminal defense attorney must evaluate your case and advise you whether you should engage in a plea bargaining process, which may result in reduction of charges or the minimum possible penalty, or whether you should just enter the plea of Not Guilty and try your case. Over the years Maciej Ordon has been able to identify the cases where a trial, as opposed to a negotiated guilty plea, was an advisable course of action. In many of the cases, the trial was successful and resulted in clientsʼ acquittal.